In the midst of the climate crisis, Wintershall, Germany's largest oil and gas producer, is destroying land and nature worldwide. Wintershall uses fracking technology in the Global South, which is banned in Germany.
In doing so, the company shows no consideration for the impact of its activities on the climate and on local people. In doing so, they actively disregard fundamental human rights. Their sole aim is to maximise their own profits at the expense of others!

We will stop Wintershall.

The gas that Wintershall and Europe's gas and oil companies ship to the Global North destroys communities and land in the Global South as it is extracted. We have the opportunity and the responsibility to stop this destruction.



  • Wintershall is pushing ahead with the expansion of the Nordstream pipeline in Europe and uses fracking technology in the Global South, which is banned in the EU. At the same time, the extraction and use of natural gas greatly increases the accumulation of dangerous greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and thus global warming!
  • Wintershall operations in e.g. Argentina destroy land, nature and the health of the local population.

Footage from Argentina.

The Vaca Muerta basin is a climate bomb.

The Eviction of the Vaca Muerta.

The Mapuche communities in Vaca Muerta in Argentina are also affected by the company's operations. They lose access to their land, their groundwater is contaminated and they are exposed to adverse health effects (e.g. lung diseases, cancer) from the chemicals used in fracking.

But the German government refuses to accept any responsibility for the actions of German companies abroad.

The maximum use of all Argentina's shale reserves would consume up to 15% of the total global carbon budget needed to meet the Paris Agreement's 1.5 ° C target.

Heinrich Böll Stiftung - The Green Political Foundation


We stand against Wintershall. The company must be stopped by legal and political means.

  1. We demand a just exit and transition for workers in the fossil fuel industry.
  2. We demand compensation for all those affected by land loss from natural gas extraction.
  3. We demand restoration and protection of damaged ecosystems.

#WintershallMustFall means:

  • a worldwide ban of fracking
  • the immediate end to the use of natural gas (for energy, plastics or fertiliser)
  • a ban on all LNG-imports to Europe
  • no further investments in gas infrastructure - Nord Stream 2 must be stopped
  • the switch to 100 % renewable energies
  • a decentralised energy democracy for all and participation through citizens' councils

Wintershall has to pay COMPENSATION to affected communities and ecosystems.


I want to help, because #WintershallMustFall
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Fracking: Brücke in die Klimakrise. Kundgebung, Demo & Performance
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Ireland is the first country in the world to ban gas imports from fracking, while promoting international solidarity actions that connect extraction sites in the Global South with consumption centres in the Global North. This video shows the first joint international action of its kind, bringing together associations in the US, Ireland, Argentina and Spain.

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Wir sind mitten in der Klimakrise. Aber @wintershalldea der größte deutsche Öl- u0026amp; Gasproduzent nutzt die in DE verbotene Fracking-Technologie in Mendoza, Argentinien u0026amp; zerstört ganze Gemeinden. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eu003cbru003eDas sollte strafbar sein! #WintershallMustFall #Oekozid

Gaskonzern @Wintershalldea treibt Ausbau der Nordstream 2 Pipeline voran u0026amp; zerstört Gemeinden im Globalen Süden mit in EU verbotener Fracking Technologie u003cbru003e u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003e‼️ u003c/strongu003eGas ist gefährliches Klimagas u0026amp; hat 87 x stärkere Wirkung als CO2u003cbru003e#cleangasisadirtylie #WintershallMustFall #Oekozid

Fracking - Erdbeben im Bauch der Toten Kuh

According to current IPCC figures, the greenhouse effect of methane emissions is 84 - 87 times stronger than that of CO2 in the first 20 years and 34 - 36 times stronger in the first 100 years.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change